Iran classic tour for 20 days

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Best time: Spring, Autumn, Winter

Iran classic tour for 20 days

A unique tour to visit Iran Main touristic cities with activities like visit cave, Island, gardens, shopping centers, old bazaars, museums, deserts, villages, and UNESCO sites.


Iran classic tour: Day1: Tehran:

Arrival at IKA airport. Meet with tour guide then transfer to hotel. Stay overnight.

(Program of the first day arrenged according to the time of passengers arrival


Iran classic tour: Day2: Tehran:

Visit Golestan palace (UNESCO site) which is one of UNESCO sites with incredible architecture, Iran national museum you will enter the gate of Iran history and you will get familiar with Iran history, Jowel museum to visit the great Jowel of kings and Iran treasure, and Azadi tower which means Liberty tower and the historical events of Iran occurs there. Stay overnight.

Iran classic tour: Day3: Tehran:

Visit Imam Zadeh Saleh holy shrine, then visit Darband natural area and enjoy your time in natural area with great view, fire and water park, and Tabiat bridge (nature bridge) which is a modern bridge of Tehran at night. Stay overnight.

Iran classic tour: Day4: Kish Island:

Transfer to Tehran airport, departure to Kish Island. Transfer to hotel. Visit shopping center of Kish, visit Greek Ship and the beautiful sunset. Stay overnight.

Iran classic tour: Day5: Kish Island:

Full day visit Kish island beaches and beautiful attractions like visit Dolphins pool and bird garden, turtles sea, and Marjan beach. Stay overnight.


Iran classic tour: Day6: Kish Island:

Visit Kariz underground city and great water pool of Kish, Stay overnight.


Iran classic tour: Day7: Shiraz:

Transfer to airport, departure to Shiraz. Transfer to hotel. Visit Vakil bazaar as the old bazaar of Shiraz which belongs to 18 century and still it is one the best bazaar of Shiraz and built by the order of Karim Khan, Vakil old bath house with great arcituecture to save steam inside the bath and the great carving of epic stories of Shahnameh the book of Fedousi the great poet of Iran, Karim Khan citadel (outside view) as the citadel of the great King of Zand dynasty in 18 century. Stay overnight.


Iran classic tour: Day8: Shiraz:

Drive to Marvdasht (60 km). Visit Persepolis as the center of Iran civilization of Iran with great palaces and motifs and then  Necropolis the tomb Achaemenien kings and also motifs which belongs to Sassanid era. Drive back to Shiraz. Stay overnight.


Iran classic tour: Day9: Shiraz:

Visit Eram garden (UNESCO site) as the botanical garden in the middle of the city and welknown as one of the beautiful gardens of Shiraz, Hafez tomb tomb a Persian poet who lauded the joys of love and wine but also targeted religious hypocrisyterm theosophy in the 13th and 14th centuries was used to indicate mystical work by "authors only inspired by the holy books In his ghazals, he deals with love, wine and tavern, all presenting the ecstasy and freedom from restraint, whether in actual worldly release or in the voice of the lover speaking of divine love, Ali Ebne  Hamzeh mosque with great mirror work inside the holy shrine, Nasir Al Molk mosque known as pink mosque and it is one of the most beautiful mosques of Iran, Naranjestan garden as one of the beautiful gardens of Shiraz with beautiful povilion which is decorated with incredible mirror works, beautiful doors decorated with shells and the ceiling which is covered by woods which are paintied incredibly. Stay overnight.


Iran classic tour: Day10: Isfahan:

Drive to Isfahan (480km). Transfer to hotel.  Stay overnight.


Iran classic tour: Day11: Isfahan:

Visit Naqshe Jahan square (UNESCO site) which includes: Imam mosque a mosque with mystery architecture and great dome and minarets, Sheykh Lotfolah mosque it is a unique mosque without minarets and great tiles work that attracts every ones attentions, Ali Qapu building building with beautiful tiles and great dome, Qeysarieh bazaar great and beautiful bazaar of Isfahan. Walking in Chahar bagh street as one of the beautiful streets of Isfahan and also visit Sio-se Pol and Khaju historical bridges of Isfahan at night. Stay overnight.

Iran classic tour: Day12: Isfahan:

Drive to Varzaneh desert (110m). Enjoy walking on sands and other desert activites (desert activities are exclude services). Drive back to Isfahan. Stay overnight.

Iran classic tour: Day13: Isfahan:

Visit Jolfa touristic area and also visit Vank cathedral, visit Chehel Setoon garden (UNESCO site), and Ali Gholi Agha old bath. Visit Sabzeh Meidan bazaar. Stay overnight.


Iran classic tour: Day14: Kashan:

 Drive to Abyaneh (185km), Visit Abyaneh touristic village and enjoy your time in this beautiful village. Continue to Kashan (88km). Transfer to hotel. Visit Fin garden is a historical Persian garden. It contains Kashan's Fin Bath, where Amir Kabir, the Qajarid chancellor, was murdered by an assassin sent by King Nasereddin Shah in 1852. Stay overnight.


Iran classic tour: Day15: Qom:

Visit Tabatabai house is a historic house in Kashan, Iran. It was built in the early 1880s for the affluent Tabatabaei family as one of the royal families of Kashan. It was designed by Ustad Ali Maryam, architect of the Borujerdi House and the Aminoddole Carvansarai of the Bazaar of Kashan, Broujerdi house the house was built in 1857 by architect Ustad Ali Maryam for the wife of Seyyed Mehdi Borujerdi, a wealthy merchant of the Kashan. The wife came from the affluent Tabatabaei family; Seyyed Mehdi fall in love with her, and comissioned the building of this house for her, Kashan bazaar. Drive to Qom (110km). Transfer to hotel. Visit Hadrat Masoumeh holy Shrine. Stay overnight.


Iran classic tour: Day16: Hamedan:

Drive to Hamedan (300km), transfer to hotel. Visit Baba Taher tomb. Stay overnight.


Iran classic tour: Day17: Hamedan:

Drive to Ali Sadr cave (74km).  Spend your time in this amazing cave. Drive back to Hamedan. Stay overnight.


Iran classic tour: Day18: Qazvin:

Visit Avecina tomb. Drive to Qazvin (240km). Transfer to hotel. Visit bazaar of Qazvin and Chehel setoon palace. Stay overnight.


Iran classic tour: Day19: Tehran:

Visit Qajar old bath, Tehran gate, and Aminiha mosque. Drive to IKA airport hotel of Tehran. Stay overnight.



Iran classic tour: Day20: Tehran:

Fly out.



  • Car and driver
  • Transfers: IKA airport to Tehran hotel/ Tehran hotel to Tehran airport/ Kish airport to Kish hotel/ Kish hotel to Kish airport/ Shiraz airport to Shiraz hotel
  • English speaking tour guide
  • Domestic flight: Tehran to Kish island/ Kish island to Shiraz
  • Insurance that cover 10,000 USD in case of accident or illness
  • Visa code
  • Traditional gift
  • Entrance fee for 32 Attractions
  • 19 Nights accommodation in 3* hotel with breakfast


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