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Start of the new year in Iran Best time: Spring (March)

Iran nowrouz ceremonies

About Nowruz, Nowruz is the name of the Iranian New Year. Nowruz is the first day of spring and the beginning of the year in the Persian calendar of Iran. It is celebrated on the day of the astronomical Northward equinox, which usually occurs on March 21 and it depend on where it is observed. The moment the sun crosses the celestial equator and equalizes night and day is calculated exactly every year and families gather together to see the rituals. Nowruz has a great background for thousands of years. Nowruz is celebrated by people from diverse ethnic communities. It is a secular holiday for most celebrants that is enjoyed by people of several different faiths and believes, but it remains as holy day for Zoroastrians (Iranian old religion). It originated in Persia in one of the great capitals of the Achaemenian era in Persis (Fars) is celebrated by the cultural region that came under Iranian influence. Nowadays not only Iranian people have Nowruz, but also is it celebrated by different countries like Caucasus, Afghanstan, and Central Asia.


Before the collapse of the Soviet dynasty, Iran was the only country that officially observed the ceremonies of Nowruz. When the Central Asian and Caucasus countries gained independence from the Soviets, they also declared Nowruz as a national holiday in their calendar. The UN's General Assembly in 2010 recognized the Nowruz and describing it as a spring festival of Persian origin which has been celebrated for over 3,000 years. During the meeting of The Inter-governmental Committee for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Heritage of the United nation, held between 28 September – 2 October 2009, Nowrouz was officially registered on the UNESCO List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. The festival of Nowruz is celebrated by many groups of people in the Middle East, Central and South Asia, but most particularly by Persians. It is called Naw-wradz or Nuway-kal by the Pashtuns, Navroz by the subcontinent Zoroastrians, Nevruz in Turkic, Uyghurs who live in Northwestern China call it "Noruz", and it is called Sultan Nevruz by Albanian. The variety Nawroz is also an Eastern Persian word and is also used in the Persian speaking regions of Central Asia. In Pashto language it is pronounced as "Naw-Wraz" and it means a New Day


Nowruz is the most important holiday in Iran like other celebrations like Christmas. Preparations for Nowruz begin in last day of the month Esfand (or Espand), the last month of winter in the Persian solar calendar. Haji Firuz is the traditional herald of Nowruz like Santa Claus. He oversees celebrations for the new year perhaps as a remnant of the ancient Zoroastrian fire-keeper. His face is painted black and black color is an ancient Persian symbol of good luck, and wears a red costume. Then he sings and dances through the streets with tambourines and trumpets spreading good cheer and heralds the coming of the New Year.  


Nowruz Tour
Iran Nowruz tour: Day 1: Tehran:

Arrival in Tehran, meet and greet at the airport & transfer to hotel.

(Program of the first day arranged according to the time of passengers arrival. Time of passenger arrival should be confirmed three month before arrival due to peak season).


Iran Nowruz tour: Day 2: Shiraz:

Full day city tour of Tehran in the morning includes visiting Golestan palace (UNESCO site), Grand bazaar of Tehran and also visit the People who are getting ready for the New Year or Nowruz, then visit Iran national Museums, and Milad Tower. Transfer to Tehran airport and Flight to Shiraz. Transfer to Shiraz hotel. Stay overnight. 


Iran Nowruz tour: Day 3: Shiraz:

In the morning drive to Marvdasht (60km) to visit the great monuments of Iran: Persepolis (UNESCO site) the great complex of amazing palaces with great and unique motifs, Naghsh-e-Rostam (Necropolis) to visit the tombs of Kings and also some motifs of Sassanid era. Then visit Passargad (UNESCO site) the first Iranian garden and tomb of Cyrus the great. Drive back to Shiraz. Stay overnight.


Iran Nowruz tour: Day 4:.Shiraz:

A full day city tour of Shiraz includes visiting Nasir Almolk mosque as one of the most beautiful mosques of Iran and also Known as the pink mosque, Vakil Bazaar alive bazaar of Shiraz and it start working from 18 century, Vakil mosque with amazing prying hall, Vakil old bath house and you will get familiar with the old system of bath houses in Iran, Karim Khan palace (Outside view) the great king of Zand dynasty, And in the afternoon visit of Quran gate the old entrance gate of Shiraz and Khaju Kermani tomb (outside view) as one of the great poets of Iran. Stay overnight.




Iran Nowruz tour: Day 5: Isfahan:

Drive to Isfahan (480km). Transfer to hotel. Walk in Chahr Bagh Street as one of the popular streets of Isfahan and also visit Sio-se Pol and Khaju historical bridges of Isfahan and enjoy your time there. Stay overnight.


Iran Nowruz tour: Day 6: Isfahan:

In the morning visit the sightseeing of Naghshe Jahan square as one of UNESCO sites includes: Sheikh Lotfollah mosque it is a unique mosque without minarets and great Iranian tiles work that attracts every ones attentions, Imam mosque as a mosque with mystery architecture and great dome and minarets and Ali Qapu palace building with beautiful tiles and great architecture and also you will visit the musical room in this palace, Qeysarieh bazaara great and beautiful bazaar of Isfahan. Visit Jofa touristic area and Vank cathedral with great painting about life of Jesus Christ. Stay overnight.


Iran Nowruz tour: Day 7: Kashan:

Drive to Abyaneh (180km). Visit the touristic and amazing village of Abyaneh with 2500 years of civilization. Continue to Kashan (88km). Transfer to hotel. Visit Kashan bazaar. Stay overnight.


Iran Nowruz tour: Day 8: Tehran:

Visit Fin Garden where one of important events of Iran happened there, this Iranian garden has a beautiful view, Tabatabai house with amazing plaster work and also the beautiful five doors room, Broujerdi house with amazing ceiling and architecture and also some signs of European paintings. And visit the mosque and school of Agha Bozorg as the only mosque without pulpit. Stay overnight.


Iran Nowruz tour: day9:

Fly out.



  • Car and driver
  • Transfer: IKA airport to Tehran hotel/Tehran hotel to Tehran airport/ Shiraz airport to Shiraz hotel
  • English speaking tour guide
  • Domestic flight: Tehran to Shiraz
  • Insurance that cover 10,000 USD in case of accident or illness
  • Iran Visa code
  • traditional gift
  • entrance fee for 16 attractions
  • 8 Nights accommodation in 3* hotel with breakfast


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