Iran Budget tour (A)

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Best time: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter

Iran Budget Tour


In this tour is the same as Iran classic tour and you will visit three main cities of Iran but you will take bus for transfer between cities and you will have Local experienced tour guide in each city with car or Mini bus. It is a great tour for the travelers who want to visit Iran with low price. This Itinerary can be managed for Solo travelers with good price too.


Iran budget tour: Day1: Tehran:

Arrive at IKA airport. Transfer to hotel. Stay overnight.

(Program of the first day arranged according to the passengers arrival).


Iran budget tour: Day2: Tehran: (Local English speaking tour guide)

Full day visit the capital of Iran: Visit Golestan Palace which is one of Iran  UNESCO sites with incredible architecture, Grand bazaar of Tehran, Iran national museum ( you will enter the gate of Iran history and you will get familiar with Iran history), Carpet Museum ( you will visit heaven in Iranian carpets) , and Azadi tower ( A well Known tower of Iran which means Liberty tower). Stay overnight.




Iran budget tour: Day3: Isfahan:

Bus to Isfahan (450km), stay overnight in hotel.


Iran budget tour: Day4: Isfahan: (Local English speaking tour guide)

Visit Naqshe Jahan Square (Iran UNESCOO site) which includes: Imam mosque, a mosque with mystery architecture and great dome and minarets, Sheykh Lotfolah mosque it is a unique mosque without minarets and great tiles work that attracts every ones attentions , Ali Qapu palace with beautiful tiles and architecture and it will give you an incredible view to watch all sqaure and mosque, and Qeysareh bazaar a great and beautiful bazaar of Isfahan. Visit Jolfa touristic area and also visit Vank cathedral with great painting of Jesus Christ. Stay overnight.


Iran budget tour: Day5: Isfahan: (Local English speaking tour guide)

Visit Chehel Setoon garden (UNESCO site) with great art and great paintings of 16 century. Visit Carpet bazaar of Isfahan and you will the great art of Iranian in their carpets, visit Jameh mosque of Isfahan there are a lot of old minarets which are made of plaster with great job, then Manar Jonban building a beautiful building with shaking minarets, then walk in Chahar Bagh street a well known street of Isfahan and visit Sio-se pol and Khaju historical bridges. Stay overnight.


Iran budget tour: Day6: Shiraz:

Bus to Shiraz the beautiful city of Iran (480km). Stay overnight in hotel.


Iran budget tour: Day7: Shiraz: (Local English speaking tour guide)

Drive to Marvdasht (60km). Visit the center of Iran civilization, Persepolis (Iran UNESCO site) with incredible palaces and motifs. Then visit Necropolis where the Kings of Achaemenian Kings are buried and also you will visit some motifs which belongs to the Sassanid era. Then drive to Passargade (Iran UNESCO site) and visit the tomb of the great King of Achaeminad dynasty, Cyrus the great. Drive back to Shiraz and visit Quran gate as the old and main entrance gate of Shiraz city and also visit Khaju Kermani tomb (outside view) as the great poet of Iran which his poems were the source of inspiration for Hafez the poet. Stay overnight.


Iran budget tour: Day8: Shiraz: (Local English speaking tour guide)

Visit Eram garden (UNESCO site) a beautiful garden of Shiraz with beautiful mansion in the garden which belongs to 19 century and the garden age is about 900 years old. Then visit Hafez tomb who is one of the great poets of Iran with is amazing poem book which Iranian people adore is poems and you will also get familiar with Fal too. Then you will visit Naranjestan incredible garden with amazing mirror work and plaster work. And you will visit Nasir Almolk mosque which is known as pink mosque and it is one of the most beautiful mosques of Iran. Finally you will visit Vakil bazaar, an old and alive bazaar of Shiraz which start Working from 18 Century and never stop working. Architecture of this bazaar is amazing. Then visit Shahchergh holy shrine who the older brother of Imam Reza where buried in Mashhad city of Iran. Stay overnight.


Iran budget tour: Day9: Tehran:

Transfer to Shiraz airport. You will have flight to Tehran. Transfer to Tehran IKA airport hotel. Stay overnight.


Iran budget tour: Day10:

Fly out.



  • Car and driver in each city
  • Local English speaking tour guide
  • Transfer: IKA airport to Tehran hotel/Shiraz hotel to shiraz airport/ Tehran airport to Tehran IKA airport hotel
  • Domestic flight: Shiraz to Tehran
  • Bus ticket: Tehran to Isfahan/ Isfahan to Shiraz
  • Insurance that cover 10,000 USD in case of accident or illness
  • Visa code
  • Traditional gift
  • Entrance fee for 17 Attractions
  • 9 Nights accommodation in 2*, 3* , or traditional hotel with breakfast


Price (per pax):

2 pax

2 * hotel

3* hotel

(per pax) DBL/Twin room

830 Euro

940 Euro


3 pax

2 *hotel

3* hotel

(per pax) SGL room

900 Euro

1,110 Euro

(per pax) DBL/Twin room

750 Euro

850 Euro

(per pax) TRP room

730 Euro

780 Euro


4 pax

2 * hotel

3* hotel

(per pax) DBL/Twin room

740 Euro

840 Euro



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Iran Budget tour (A)

Best time: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter